This film is an adaptation of a Greek myth about minotaur: half human, half bull divine creature. According to the myth, each year a ruler of Crete was obligated to sacrifice 28 young people to minotaur who was trapped in the maze. His son Theseus decided to kill this creature and started his heroic adventure. To find his way back, he uses a thread Cretan princess Ariadne provided to him.  

Our team changed the genre of this film from heroic tragedy to animated musical comedy.  We replaced a hero with his intention to kill to silly mercantile characters who simply hunt for treasure and don’t expect to find a minotaur, but they still use a thread ball and overcome challenges. 

I established a style for this film, created watercolour asset and colour scripts. Only vibrant pellet was used to set up a light-hearted atmosphere. To reference the original story, I  imbeded Ancient Greek symbols as background patterns. ​​​​​​​


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